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Henry Mountain Mule Deer

As you are probably well aware the Henry Mountains are well known for its world class deer hunting. As life long residents of the area, we know the mountain well and we are here to help.

We spend a great deal of time scouting and running trail cameras every summer so we are fully prepared to assist you on your hunt.

We typically use Toyota trucks and side by side/UTVs to conduct this hunt.

You can expect to do a lot of glassing , so bring your binoculars and spotting scopes if you have them.

We will move around and glass from different vantage points looking for deer we have previously scouted. 

Clients should be prepared for 300-500 yard shots. 


We can build a custom hunt package to suit your needs. 

We are prepared to offer fully furnished hunts with meals and lodging located at our cabin high on the mountain or we can offer you a guide only package where you provide your own meals and lodging and we just assist you with the guiding and packing. 


Our premium hunt package

*unlimited days with 2 guides per hunter

* meals and lodging at mountain cabin.

*2 days scouting prior to season 



Standard package

*1 guide per hunter   

*Meals and lodging at mountain cabin. 

* 2 days scouting prior to season




Guide only package

We meet you at your camp and take you hunting every morning.

5 days hunting 

1 on 1 guiding 


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